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Newhouse Mini-Still

The Newhouse Mini-Still is the newest development in essential oil distillation. This system is designed for the small farmers and producers who process smaller batches of oil from the source plants. It is highly efficient in recovering oils from plants in which the oil concentrations are very low. It is manufactured from food grade stainless steel.

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The Mini-Still is compact, self contained, easy to operate, energy efficient, and highly efficient at recovering low concentration of oil. This is the separating can where the final oil separation and capture takes place.
The Newhouse Mini-Still requires a boiler as a steam source for operation.  Newhouse recommends an 8 hp low pressure boiler.  We make a kit that makes this system almost turn key, which includes the Mini-Still, boiler, feed water pump, feed water tank, and plumbing.  Most buyers prefer a boiler that runs on propane or natural gas.  You will need a cooling water source, (water faucet)  for the condenser and a 110v power supply for the boiler electric and the temperature control on the still.  Please email or call us for pricing or any other questions.

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