About Us

Newhouse focuses on manufacturing quality, specialized equipment for the agriculture industry. We are dedicated to offering an affordable product that will provide many years of service and give our customer the maximum return on their investment. Newhouse designs its products with standard parts, such as bearings, pulleys and belts, so field service is always faster and easier for our customers.

Newhouse Mfg. Co. began in 1953, when Marinus “Junior” Newhouse found the cattle chutes he built for his neighbors to be in high demand. He quickly expanded Newhouse’s offerings to include hay elevators and other agriculture equipment, with a focus on manufacturing equipment with a long service life and few repairs.

Over the years, Newhouse Mfg. Co. has responded to the changes in agriculture production by fabricating a variety of custom equipment to meet the needs of the agriculture community. Its reputation for building equipment that is more robust and reliable than common machinery remains today.

Newhouse Mfg. Co. occupies 40,000 square feet on nearly seven acres in Redmond, Oregon. We do the majority of our machining, fabrication, welding and painting on-site using our team of talented staff. Their skill and industry knowledge allow Newhouse to responds to the unique requirements of our customers.