Beet Flail Shredder

Save the tops of crops, such as sugar beets, to feed livestock with Newhouse’s Windrowing Beet Flail Shredder. A conveyor drops the material to the passenger side of the machine, windrowing the tops of sugar beets for use in feeding applications.

The rotor adjusts for virtually any row spacing. The shape and speed of the cupped flails creates a suction that lifts the material into the rotor for a complete and uniform cut. The drum comes with a rotor speed of 700 RPM for a course cut, which allows the tops to remain as intact as possible for feeding. The shredder can also feed an elevator for feed storage.

Flail Shredder Brochures


Number of Flails102148
Overall Width207”291”
Cutting Width178”262”
Approximate Weight7800 lbs10,500 lbs
Approx. overall height w/o jacks & wheels44”
Depth w/o depth wheels & hitch96”
Gear box rating280HP
Flail rotor RPM700 std/1400 opt
Number of drive belts8