Commercial Distillation

EOS-050 • EOS-100 • EOS-150

Available with a 50, 100 or 150 gallon cooker pot, this miniature still is ideal for commercial distillation of essential oils. All surfaces that come in contact with the oil are made from stainless steel to prevent contamination. A steam boiler is required for operation. Features include an electronic temperature control, a specially designed manifold inside the cooker for proper steam distribution and a winch to lift the plate cover. Frame is made of mild steel.

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Essential Oil Distillation Brochures


Capacity (gal)50100150
Floor Area w/ Pot in Upright Position (approx.)41"W x 65"D
Floor Area w/ Pot in Dump Position (approx.)Less than Stand48"W x 65"D
Overall Height108.75"
Cooker Pot23"ID x 29"D29"ID x 36.5"D
Weight (approx.)414 lbs505 lbs
Minimum Boiler Requirements8hp @ 15psi